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As a cardiologist, I have always been committed to improving the health of my patients. Day after day, the focus of my work has shifted from treatment to prevention and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle, which makes people better able to adapt to the constant changes of modern life.
After more than 20 years of research, my Team and I have perfected a method that is based on the Secret of Healthy Longevity: reducing inflammation and thus slowing down the aging process through Cold, Detox, and Mindfulness. I am proud to introduce to the world the Longevity Method, the elixir of long life that allows anyone to become a creator of their own well-being again by living to the best of their ability. This is for us the secret of longevity.

Co-founder and Scientific Director The Longevity Suite

The 3 pillars of longevity and well-being




Beloved. In all ways, always.

There are no miracle diets or instant remedies. The Longevity Suite method is not just a set of practices to be followed on a daily basis: it is a path, a lifestyle.

With The Longevity Suite Method, we aim to help you achieve well-being in all its forms, thanks to a holistic approach that aims to reduce inflammation, taking into account every aspect of your life: from the physical to the mental and psychological side. Much more than outer beauty, then: “so outside, so inside”.

We will guide you on a path where health and beauty are one and the same: for us, this is Aesthetic Awareness. We will refine your approach to wellbeing with a personalised plan aimed at stopping your time.

We take care of you

The Longevity Suite method involves a careful discovery of the person, his or her pain points and incredible potentials.

We offer you an initial meeting with our professionals to understand your level of physiological and psychophysical well-being and to understand what you need to improve, starting with your aesthetic appearance and ending with a deep-rooted, lasting body-mind balance. Together we will decide on your longevity goals and accompany you on your tailor-made path. Our aim is to take care of you and of your time, right from the first appointment.

Your elixir of life in 3 minutes

It helps you regain your ideal weight, strengthens your immune system, improves your sports performance and… helps you gain years of life. Of beautiful life.

Cryotherapy is your key ally in the quest for well-being and longevity. The treatment involves keeping the whole body in a cold room with temperatures ranging from -85 ° C to -100 ° C for a time interval between 3 and 5 minutes. Our method does not use nitrogen and is therefore completely safe.

Short-term cooling promotes a large number of positive reactions in the body due to the increased circulatory response of the blood and lymph flow.

We recommend it to:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints
  • Increase sports performance and reduce recovery time
  • Facilitating weight loss and improving body composition
  • Burn up to 600Kcal per session and accelerate basal metabolism
  • Rejuvenating the appearance of the skin through increased collagen production
  • Improving circulation and drainage in the lower limbs
  • Detoxify and reduce oxidative stress
  • Improving mood and mental wellbeing

Multisensory. Relaxing. Destress

The benefits of LED Therapy, inhalation aromatherapy and binaural music are amplified by a manipulation of the body, through specific manual treatments that help restore balance, giving a profound feeling of well-being in synergy with TMR (therapeutic magnetic resonance) for strengthening circulation in the blood vessels.

Our photobiomodulation treatments are highly effective on the entire surface of the face and neck thanks to the perfect synergy of 130 LED lights:

  • Photon beams emitted by a system of high-power, high-intensity LEDs.
  • WiFi acoustics for listening to bineural musical frequencies that promote neuronal interconnections.
  • Inhalation aromatherapy with organic essential oil blends.

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